Recent Builds

/Recent Builds

20′ Canadian BUSH 3 Stage Kodiak

This is a 20ft custom BUSH boat… 5.7 L 350. Kodiak 3 stage pump, and a radius bottom.. The boat is going to rip in the shallow and will give a decent ride in the lake chop…

We also custom built a 1 inch thick 6061 intake for the Kodiak 3 stage pump. Looking forward to see it on the water.

20′ Cobra SE

This is a 20 ft COBRA SE.. Kodiak 350, 312, fixed frame top, spring rides, and all the goodies that come with a Custom Weld Cobra SE….

Ill do better on keeping pics posted…

23′ OB with a Pod Style Off Shore Bracket

This is a custom OUT BOARD. 6.5 wide bottom with a 18 degree V. Huge fish box and lots more..
This bottom of this boat will actually be 25 ft long… little Deeper sides at 36 inch’s. Full salt water ready…

20′ Shallow Water Tiller with a Tunnel

ok folks… I missed this boat on the jig. I didn’t get any photos while is was being built… This is a 20 ft tiller.. we used the same hull design that we just did on our shallow water jet.. this boat gets a 150 Yamaha jet tiller… It will be a handful..

20′ Shallow Water OB JET

This is a shallow water boat we are building… This one will have a 115 Honda jet side console.. this boat has a super flat bottom and a jet tunnel for shallow water running.. We should have this boat on the water in a few days..

23′ White Water Special

New build hitting the jig.. This is a 23 W.W 6.5 bottom with a 106 beam.. I’m going to power this boat with the new 6.2 Direct injected motor with a 212 pump with a 4.0 impeller..

22′ Storm

22ft storm, 1/4 bottom 7ft wide, 108 beam, VVT 6.0L. 212 Hamilton, Gull wing hatch, full swim platform, removable high deck rails rails.. and more.


20′ Custom Cobra. Tunnel Hull with Plastic

This is a custom boat we are building.. its 20 ft, tunnel hull, 61 gal belly tank, 70 gal cross tank, and a 3ft UHMW keel strip. American turbin 312 pump and 350, folding top and sleepers seats. and more …

P.U.D 24ft -241-6.2

This is a 24ft P.U.D Boat. 241 pump, full hard top and Alaska bulk head,1/4 7ft bottom, 108 beam. 6.2L V-8 VVT DI(L86) Radius bottom and a lot more..


21′ Storm with Cool Colors and Air Brush Work

Ok, Many of you know my painter and production manager is a little crazy when it comes to air brush work… This was cool so i thought i would post some pics..

20′ BUSH Boat

ok ANOTHER BUSH is on the jig… What a AWESOME boat, Our customers are loving this boat..

22′ Law Enforcement

22FT Custom Storm. Hard top, 212, 6.0L, 6.5 bottom.. all the good stuff.

New Motors from KEM, Kodiak 4.3- 5.3- 6.2

I’m excited about the new motors Kodiak is coming out with. They are all Direct injected motors. Starting off with the 4.3L V-6 VVT DI(LV3) this motor has APX 285 HP. and is currently 185 LBs light than the current 5.7 350.. Next on the list is the 5.3L V-8 VVT DI (L83) This will have APX 355HP . I have heard some testing numbers on this motor and a 212 with a 3.4 turbo impeller and it was close to 4000 RPM. “Please don’t hold me to that”.I haven’t seen it myself yet. And the one i’m most excited about. The 6.2L V-8 VVT DI(L86) This motor has APX 420 H.P. All D.I or Direct Injected motors are suppose to get better fuel economy, APX 14% better. All these motor are 100 closed loop cooling system also..and 3 yr warranty.

22′ White Water in the Finish Shop

We are getting closer.. I hope to have this boat on the water by the end of next week. Its getting a carpet kit, custom interior and Then its going to get the wrap on the side.

20′ Outboard BUSH

We are building a 20ft out board bush boat. This will be a basic platform to work from. No bells and whistles, just the basic’s. We did not take anything out of the hull structure. Just trying to build good boats at a affordable price.

Signed Sealed and Delivered, 22′ Storm

The perfect ending. the 22 Storm was AWESOME.. it worked so good!!! From the time we ordered the boat, i had to push the delivery date back one weekend to make it work at temperance creek. I NAILED IT!!!! I figure we put 50 bass in the boat to break it in rite!!!! New Boats, New Friends, Life is great!!!!


Custom 22′ Storm

We are starting a 22ft Custom Storm today.. 212 pump, 6.0L, High Deck, 6.5 wide 1/4 inch bottom, Hard top.. This is going to be a SWEET boat…

24′ White Water Special, 241 pump

We just started a 24 W.W/ today, this is going to be a awesome boat. Its got a ton of CUSTOM features. 241 pump, hard top, sky lights. top racks, and a ton more.. This build is going to be SWEET!!!


Temperance Creek Lodge, Custom Weld Boats and the Barnes Family

Some folks have asked me to share this information about Temperance Creek Lodge. I have had the lodge for about 7 years. It’s located approximately 88 miles in hells canyon from Lewiston. I have put a ton of work and sweat into getting it up to where it is today. We have a nice lodge and bunk house to stay in and a shower house. We have a full time caretaker there and breakfast, lunch or dinners can be served anytime. We host fishing and hunting trips and anybody who just wants to get away can also stay. We also have a beautiful air strip that I keep-up and keep all the puncture weeds down so there are no flat tires.

I also use Temperance Creek as my main training facility. It’s a perfect trip for new boaters to get to know their boats and have time to spend with me. So when you leave, you feel 100% confident in your boat and they way it performs. All new Custom Weld Boats come with this 2 day training program. The customers that have done it say it’s the best two days of training they could have ever asked for. Being confident in your boat will make your boating experience a lot better.

You can look up or Temperance Creek Lodge on Facebook.

Thanks Brice Barnes

Cool Pinstripes 20′ BUSH

Another Bush roles out the door.. The orange stripe is AWESOME.. It gives the boat some good color..

Finished BUSH Boat

We finished this 20 ft Bush boat. 6.5 wide 1/4 inch radius bottom. Rear rails, coolers for bench seats, tilt wheel, kicker motor, TR1 Gold, folding top. fish finder.. It turned out SWEEEEEEEEET!

212 and 241 Impellers

We got our customers 241 impeller back today. It was interesting looking at them side by side, so i figured i would share.

Perfect ending. 22 storm

The customer’s picked up there 22 ft storm this weekend. We took a trip to Temperance creek and spent the night. It was a great opportunity for him to get use to his new boat! Temperance creek was beautiful, we sat around the bonfire in January in just long sleeve shirts. WOW!!! The boat performance spoke for itself, they were very impressed on how smooth is was..
100% satisfied customers..

Thanks Custom Weld crew, we did it again

Custom 22′ Storm

Here is a Custom 22 ft storm, High deck, stomp grate, 212 hamilton pump, bow locker, swim step and ladder.. 1/4 Radius bottom… and more…

Custom 20 ft. 108 beam. full UHMW Bottom

This was a custom ordered boat. 20 ft. 7ft bottom, high deck and rails, 130 gal fuel cell, 6.2 LS3, 212 pump, stomp grate, 9.9 kicker with TR1 gold, stereo, GPS. Custom canvas travel cover, tilt wheel, dash mount control, padded cross tank, closed bow with bow anchor locker. and more. the boat turned out AWESOME. We delivered it the exact day we said we would.. Good thing to because he drove all the way from north Dakota…

20ft BUSH. Finished for the Portland show.

We finished our 2oft BUSH today. It turned out AWESOME. Come check it out in Portland January 6th -11th at the boat show.. I added a few features, Tilt wheel, dash mount control, grab rail around windshield, Hydro turfed the bow and swim plat form, folding top, and coolers for bench seats. The 350 Kodiak and the American Turbine 312 SDR pump are standard.

21′ Storm, Portland boat show boat

21 ft storm, Mid deck,212 hamilton,1/4 Radius bottom, 6.0L. down riggers, fish box live well, top mount rod holders, Kicker Brk, Bed liner Salt water paint job. and MORE..

Come see this boat at the Portland show..

Its a BEAUTY!! at a unbeatable price..


Custom weld shop 11-20-14

This is whats going on today!!

Used Twin for sale

Anybody interested a used twin.28ft. 350 5.7 motors with 90 hrs, Brand new 212 hamiltons. Stereo, Trim tabs.custom interior, removable powder coated rails, front bow rails, bolt in lexan, hard top and more. All brand new flooring. Please contact me if your interested.. we are working really hard to retail this boat for 100,000


3 20′ BUSH Boats

3 of our jigs have Bush boats on them. One is a custom 102 beam Bush, and the other 2 are standard 96inch beam with some different options. The Bush boats let people start from scratch and add the options they want and can afford at the time of the build.

Finished 22′ Bonneville County

This boat turned out great! Trim Jim did a awesome job on the decals!

Bonneville County 21′ Law Enforcement Boat

Just started another 21 ft law enforcement boat. 6.0L, 212, mid deck. soft top. toe bit and more.

Cool paint job on a 24ft White water

This is one of my favorite all time paint jobs. It was so AWESOME in the sun. I just posted this for fun.

Boat Repair

We do all kinds of boat repairs. Bottoms, sides, tops. This is a HCM and we had to replace the side and part of the transom.. Looks good, with a new paint job this customer will be back in action.

Today in the Custom Weld shop

We Have a Custom 20ft cobra with a 6.5 bottom and a 102 beam and a radius hull. Also we have a 19ft viper with 1/4 bottom and 350 and a radius bottom. These will be SWEET boats when there done.

25ft, LSA, 241, LOADED

This boat is not new. I cant believe it got out of our shop with out photos…

Jerome County Law Enforcement Boat

21 ft storm, Hard top, go wing door, remote spot light, tow bit, high deck, 212 Hamilton, spring rides with swivels. This boat looks good and runs great!!

The BUSH 20ft Boat

We have really been working on building affordable boats. This 20 ft boat is our base platform of our BUSH model. 6ft by 1/4 inch bottom. A.T 312 pump, Kodiak 350. No bells and whistles. This boat will hit the water at $39,980.00 .. you can add or delete a few options you can’t make this a Cobra Se. Its purpose is to help folks get into boating at a less expensive price. Please contact us if your interested/ 1-800-504-0458

22′ White Water

Hello everyone. We just wanted to show some of the new things happening at our shop. So i figured I would start with our 22 white Water in production. This boat has a 106 beam, 6.5ft bottom. triple air ride seats, bolt in lexan, stereo with speakers in the top tray’s, full diamond deck floor, bow ladder, top rails, swim step and ladder, 212 Hamilton, 6.0L Kodiak engine, recoverable bow and stern rails, Solid 6061 billett intake, sliding side windows,rear benches make into a bed. Self draining high beck, Flat nose, stick steering, 3 panograph wipers, Gateway trailer and more.. This boat is is going to hit the market at $89,950.00 You can always contact us at 1-800-504-0458 for more information.

The GOLD 28ft Twin

28 ft twin, Hard top, remote spot lights, Light force flood lights, full carpet kit, custom interior, 3 air ride seats, custom stereo with speakers in top tray, composite ultra light flooring, Garmen fish finder GPS, lexan bolt in windows, removable bow and tern rails, custom welds signature option of the fully welded bow bumper around boat. Hamilton 213 pumps. Kodiak 6.2 LSA motors. and more..APX $180,000.00 Please contact for more information 1-800-504-0458


19ft Viper

Check out this little 19 ft viper . Its a Canadian style. That means it has 29 inch sides and a 90 inch beam. This boat also has a 1/4 bottom, 350 Kodiak, A.T. 203 pump. High deck with standard rails, stomp grate, trim tabs, grab rail around windshield, tilt steering, dash mount control, full swim plat form, folding top, removable custom wrapped bench seat on cross tank. 70 gal fuel cell.

22ft Storm

I really like the color match on this boat. Its a 2014 22ft Storm. 6.5 bottom by 1/4 inch. 102 beam. High deck and rails, cross storage box, Hamilton 212, 6.0L Kodiak, wash down kit, T fuel line for kicker, Garmen GPS fish finder, Cd player, spring ride seats, heater, dual wipers, bench seats make into a bed, top trays, trim tabs, swim step and ladder,top rails, rear corner seats. Gateway powder coated tandem axle trailer. This boat is currently for sale,1-800-504-0458.