Project Description

Some folks have asked me to share this information about Temperance Creek Lodge. I have had the lodge for about 7 years. It’s located approximately 88 miles in hells canyon from Lewiston. I have put a ton of work and sweat into getting it up to where it is today. We have a nice lodge and bunk house to stay in and a shower house. We have a full time caretaker there and breakfast, lunch or dinners can be served anytime. We host fishing and hunting trips and anybody who just wants to get away can also stay. We also have a beautiful air strip that I keep-up and keep all the puncture weeds down so there are no flat tires.

I also use Temperance Creek as my main training facility. It’s a perfect trip for new boaters to get to know their boats and have time to spend with me. So when you leave, you feel 100% confident in your boat and they way it performs. All new Custom Weld Boats come with this 2 day training program. The customers that have done it say it’s the best two days of training they could have ever asked for. Being confident in your boat will make your boating experience a lot better.

You can look up or Temperance Creek Lodge on Facebook.

Thanks Brice Barnes