Project Description

I’m excited about the new motors Kodiak is coming out with. They are all Direct injected motors. Starting off with the 4.3L V-6 VVT DI(LV3) this motor has APX 285 HP. and is currently 185 LBs light than the current 5.7 350.. Next on the list is the 5.3L V-8 VVT DI (L83) This will have APX 355HP . I have heard some testing numbers on this motor and a 212 with a 3.4 turbo impeller and it was close to 4000 RPM. “Please don’t hold me to that”.I haven’t seen it myself yet. And the one i’m most excited about. The 6.2L V-8 VVT DI(L86) This motor has APX 420 H.P. All D.I or Direct Injected motors are suppose to get better fuel economy, APX 14% better. All these motor are 100 closed loop cooling system also..and 3 yr warranty.