20’-23’ Shallow Water

/20’-23’ Shallow Water
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Custom Weld Shallow Water

See for yourself the versatility of this model and remember the impeccable resale value of a Custom Weld Boat.

The Shallow Water superior materials results in a boat you can take to your own private fishing hole! This tunnel hull boat sets higher and glides in a minimum depth of water. Ease of mobility, strength, lighter weight and optional UHMW bottom is why our friends say: The Custom Weld Shallow Water is the only boat I trust to get me there and back. With over 30 years of listening to exactly what you want in a boat like this, we are proud in adding the Shallow Water to our our line-up.

Inboards Available!


20′-23’ Hull Center Length
4 Lifting Strakes
30” Sides
96” or 102″ or 108″ Beam
6′ or 6’6″ or 7′ Bottom Width
.190 or .250″ 5086 Alloy Bottom Thickness
.125″ 5052 Alloy Side Thickness
38-52 Gal Fuel Cell
23” Inside Freeboard
8°-14° Bottom Deadrise
Max HP Prop / Jet
20′ = 200/140 | 21′-22′ = 250
23′ = 300 or as specified